The Debian Administrator’s Handbook

debian-handbook-kThe Debian Administrator’s Handbook, based on Debian Jessie. Books written by Raphaël Hertzog & Roland Mas; An important issue on Debian tackles. The authors are doing an introduction to the subject in the preamble as follows: “Debian is a very successful operating system, which is pervasive in our digital lives more than people often imagine or are aware of. A few data points will suffice to make this clear. At the time of writing Debian is the most popular GNU/Linux variant among web servers: according to W3Techs 1 , more than 10% of the web is Debian-powered. Think about it: how many web sites would have you missed today without Debian? Onto more fascinating deployments, Debian is the operating system of choice on the International Space Station. Have you been following the work of ISS astronauts, maybe via the social network presence of NASA or other international organizations? Both the work in itself and the posts about it have been made possible by Debian. Countless companies, universities, and public administrations rely on Debian daily for their operations, delivering services to millions of users around the world… and its orbit!

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