Gülşah KÖSE: LibreOffice Hackfest Ankara, Turkey 2016

LibreOffice Hackfest Ankara was held for the first time in Turkey between on 29th April and 1st May sponsored by TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). Michael Meeks, Markus Mohrhard and Jan-Marek Glogowski came to Ankara, Turkey for sharing their knowledge with us about LibreOffice. 20~ people attended the event.

29th April:

  • Met with each other.
  • Michael and Markus made presentations about following topics
    • Solving arbitrary problems from a standing start – Real word engineering
    • LibreOffice code structure
    • LibreOffice core classes
    •  Automated testing
    •  Calc & Chart2
    •  ODF and OOXML in LibreOffice
    •  Data for LibreOffice developers

30th April and 1th May:

  • Coding and coding.

 Hackfest was so beneficial for all attendees. We can get help from irc and mailing list but being together accelerated all of us. Michael, Markus and Jan were very friendly and helpful developers so we left hackfest very happy. We are going to go on contributing and spreading LibreOffice in Turkey.

Finally i want to say that time is the most precious thing we have so thanks to Michael, Markus and Jan for spearing time to us and many thanks to TUBITAK for sponsorship.

 And some photos…

Thank you very much Gülşah KÖSE, greetings.
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